July 4th – Thursday
     Time                                     Event                                                   Location                   

8:30am                            Fest office opens                               Terrace Level

4:00pm                            Room Check-in                                  Lobby
All Day                             Preisplatteln Practice                         Cabinet and International


All Day                             Volksmusikzimmer                             International Ballroom level
TBD                                 Vendor Room                                     Lobby Level
TBD                                 Gauverbandbibliothek und Museum  International Ballroom level
7:00pm                            Welcome Dance                                 International Ballroom
9:00pm                            U.S. 4th of July Fireworks                  Big Screen Simulcast

 July 5th – Friday
    Time                                     Event                                                   Location                    
8:30am                             Fest office opens                              Terrace Level
All Day                              Volksmusikzimmer                            International Ballroom level
TBD                                  Vendor Room                                    Lobby Level
TBD                                  Gauverbandbibliothek und Museum  International Ballroom level
8:30am                             Einzelplatteln Competition                 International Ballroom
                                         Jugendeinzelplatteln                          Competition
1:00pm                             Schafkopf Tournier                             TBD

3:00pm                             Workshop: Regions of Tracht             Lobby Level TBD

3:00pm                             Workshop Volktanz                            TBD

4:00pm                             Workshop: Alphorn                            TBD             

4:00pm                             Fahnentraeger Meeting                     TBD           
5:00pm                             Vorstand-Vorplattler Meeting             TBD
7:00pm – Midnight            Heimatabend                                     International Ballroom

 July 6th – Saturday
    Time                                     Event                                                   Location                    
Noon                                Fest office opens                               Terrace Level
All Day                             Volksmusikzimmer                             International Ballroom level
TBD                                 Vendor Room                                     Lobby Level
TBD                                  Gauverbandbibliothek und Museum  International Ballroom level

8:30am – End                  Grüppenpreisplatteln Competition     International Ballroom
TBD                                  Frühschoppen                                   International Ballroom level

12:00pm                           Goasslschnalzen                               TBD
3:00pm                             Bauernmesse                                    St. Matthews Cathedral
7:00pm – Midnight           Festabend                                          International Ballroom
Midnight                           Mitternachtvolkstanz                          International Ballroom Level

 July 7th – Sunday
    Time                                     Event                                                   Location                    
10:00am                           Fingerhakln                                        TBD

1:00pm                             Fest office opens                                Terrace Level
All Day                             Volksmusikzimmer                               International Ballroom level
TBD                                 Vendor Room                                       Lobby Level
TBD                                 Gauverbandbibliothek und Museum    International Ballroom level
TBD                                 Workshops                                           International Ballroom level
TBD                                 Festtag                                                 International Ballroom 7:00pm – Midnight           Abschiedsfeier – Closing Party           International Ballroom

Tentative Gaufest Event Schedule

S.V. Alt Washingtonia

Original Bavarian Dance Club of Washington DC.