Other Fun Facts:

  • Since being built, the Washington Hilton has boasted the largest pillar-less ballroom in the city.  
  • In 2007, the investment firm that is jointly run by Magic Johnson bought and currently owns the Washington Hilton.
  • It has 110,000 square feet of functional event space
  • Yes, there is a pool on-site.

The Washington Hilton:

The Washington Hilton, a member of

Historic Hotels of America, opened June 20,

1965 and has been host to many big events

since. In May of 1973, it was the host to the

4th Gaufest and its’ International Ballroom

serves as the location for notable events as

the the annual White House Correspondents

Dinner, Presidential Inaugural Balls and

many International events. In the 60’s and 70’s, the Ballroom served as one of the largest concert venues and entertainers such as Jimi Hendrix and The Doors performed concerts there.  The Hotel's most infamous moment is as the sight of the 1981 shooting of then-President Reagan.

S.V. Alt Washingtonia

July 4 - 7, 2019 Washington Hilton, Washington DC

Imagine having all the events of the Gaufest under one roof; everything from the Welcome Dance to the Competition circles to Heimatabend, Festabend, and the Sunday Closing Party. Don’t forget the Vendors, Workshops, and especially your own hotel room.  

Well, imagine no more!  At the 27th Gaufest in DC, you won’t have to walk from building to building to get to events.  If you forget something in your room, you just have to dash upstairs. During breaks in the Einzel competition, you can quickly pop over to see what Tracht you want to buy.  And if your child needs a break, you can just hop on the elevator and take them (or you) for a nap.  

That’s right!  All events will be in ONE PLACE!  Take a minute to read through some of the information about the Washington Hilton and get to know your way around

Original Bavarian Dance Club of Washington DC

"Serving as a link with the old homeland by preserving and sharing Alpine customs and traditions in the new world"

About the International Ballroom:

  • The International Ballroom will be the location of Saturday’s Festabend, as well as other events throughout the Gaufest
  • 29,361 square feet and 48' stage
  • The entire floor of the ballroom is a wooden floor, ready for dancing.
  • Holds up to 2,670 people