Gaufest Souvenirs are available !!!

**** Souvenirs are available for early purchase. Get yours ordered before the Gaufest!! ****

  • Gaufest SteinKruege - 1L and 0.5L
  • Commemorative Metal Plaque
  • Gaufest T-Shirts

How to Order:

1) Browse the Souvenirs below on this page

2) Fill out the Order Form with the information of what you would like to order. Within the form, you will be asked to list which Verein you are a part of.  ------------->

3) Once the order has been submitted, there are two ways to pay and complete your order:

  • Option 1:  Pay as an individual via Paypal to the email address  Note that Paypal will allow you to pay using your credit card.

  • Option 2:  Pay by check with your Verein.  If you would rather pay by check, you must pay your club Gaufest Coordinator and the club will then submit ONE CHECK per Verein to the Gaufest Souvenirs Committee.  Checks should be sent to 18612 Colston Ct. Leesburg, VA 20176 care of "Souvenirs"

Once both pieces of the order have been received, your order is complete.  If you have any questions, please email and write "Souvenirs" in the subject line.

Commemorative Plaque Medallion

9 inch Diameter Metal plaque medallion of the Gaufest 2019 logo.


  • Preorder: $12
  • At Gaufest: $15

Gaufest2019 T-shirts

Available in Men's, Women's and Youth Sizes and Fit

Two Styles to choose from !!

     1) Bier and Brezel

     2) "The Band"

All T-Shirts:

  • Preorder: $10
  • At Gaufest: $15


Full Size Krugs in either 1L or 0.5 L with the Gaufest logo.  Delivered to you at the Gaufest and perfect for use throughout the entire fest !

Contact us:


Half Liter Stein:

  • Preorder: $18
  • At Gaufest: $20

Liter Stein:

  • Preorder: $22
  • At Gaufest: $25

Gaufest 2019