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Griass Eich Trachtlerinnen und Trachtler,

In a few short weeks you will be traveling to Washington DC for the 27. Gaufest and we are working hard to get everything ready for you to enjoy yourself.  We have put together the following information to help you understand what you (your Verein) will need to do in order to register your members for the 27. Gaufest as well as provide information on purchasing additional items (i.e. Carnations, Souvenirs etc.)

Below is information on Registration and Costs for:

  • Gaufest Registration
  • Suite Application
  • Ehrentanz Sign-up Application
  • Festbuch Ads
  • Unsere Freunde Ads
  • Fruhshoppen

and what you will need to do to complete the registration process.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or on Facebook at DCGaufest2019. We look forward to seeing you in Washington DC!!

Mit Trachtengruss

27. Gaufest Planning Committee

How to Register
We are using the registration website that STV Bavaria Cleveland developed for the 24. Gaufest and was also used by S.G.T.V. Edelweiss Buffalo used for the 26. Gaufest. This website will handle all registration and ordering tasks.  Verein registrations will be coordinated by each Verein's administrator 

Payment Information

Please submit all check payments made out to:  Alt Washingtonia Gaufest 2019

and send to the following address:

Kristin Wells
18612 Colston Ct.
Leesburg, Virginia 20176

Verein Administrator
In order to begin, each Verein will need to identify 2 Administrators from each Gauverband NA Verein who will be able to register their membership, approve members who register on their own and collect and submit all payments.  To start, administrators will select the "Request Account" button (next to the Login button) and complete the Administrator registration. Upon receiving an email that their Administrator account has been created, they will now be ready to manage all of the Verein activities. While Individual Verein members can go to the website and enter their personal or family information, only the Verien Administrators can perform the tasks of registering for Fest Tickets, souvenirs, carnations etc. 

As you order (Fest Tickets, Souvenirs, etc.) the amount you owe will continue to total.  At the end, you will need to submit a form for each  type of order which will produce an "invoice" totaling your Verein's order up and where to send your payment.  In the Account Status area of the Administrator section will be a breakdown of your order, amount owed and when payments have been received and recorded.

Verein Members
Verein members should speak with their Verein Administrator to determine the process your Verein will use for registering, purchasing of tickets, carnations, souvenirs etc. and submitting payments.

Non-Verein affiliated individuals
If you are not affiliated with one of the Verein's in Gauverband Nordamerika, please review the instructions on the website and select 'Unaffiliated' in the Verein drop down on the website.

Gaufest Fest Ticket Information
Ticket prices are based upon the age of the guest on July 4, 2019

  • Adult age 12+          - $225
  • Children (age 5-11)  - $80
  • Children age 0-4      - Free

Your Fest ticket includes:

  • Thursday Welcome Dance - beer/soda/water
  • Friday Dance/Heimatabend - beer/soda/water
  • Saturday Festabend - beer/wine/soda/water and Fest Banquet
  • Sunday Festtag - beer/soda/water & Picnic meal
  • Sunday Farewell Party - beer/soda/water

*Important Notes:
1) If your child wishes to have an adult meal, an adult ticket must be purchased
2) Please be advised- bartenders and security will be actively monitoring all official Gaufest events checking IDs for underage drinking.  If they feel someone is underage, they will stop that person and ask for ID. For those partaking of the beer and wine at events, please have your IDs with you.

Ehrentanz Sign-up

Please download the attached form, complete and email to for your Ehrentanz submission


Festival Menus, Banquet Seating and Parade of Flags
The seating for the Banquet and Picnic, as well as positioning in the Parade of Flags, will be based on when Full payment is received for your Verein.  Payment for an initial group of tickets and then paying for additional tickets later will set the payment date to the final received payment.  Full payment is considered complete when ALL Fest tickets are paid for.

Festbuch Ads and Unsere Freunde Entries

As part of the registration website, you will be able to enter the Festbuch Ads and Unsere Freunde entries.   You may also submit your Unsere Freunde via a paper form included in the Festbuch Ad information, which will require payment to be submitted with the paper form.

Thursday July 4, 2019 from 9am-11am
Place: TBD

Menu: 2 Weisswursts, soft Bavarian pretzel, 1 Weissbier, mustard and cheese as sides
Price: $28/person

Gaufest 2019